About Us:

Biloxi Paper has been a family owned and operated business on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for nearly 50 years. We have always taken pride in providing our customers with products that will allow them to run their business successfully. Starting out as an office supply company and evolving into a company that provides more than 40,000 different sku's from office products to food service to janitorial, we feel like we have the experience and knowledge to be a great asset to our customers.


We at Biloxi Paper are currently on our 4th generation of family involvement. In the early 70's Desporte Office Supply started out selling basic office supplies. In the mid 70's Biloxi Paper was established and later merged with the office supply to create Desporte's Biloxi Paper Company. We have been operating as such since then with very deep roots in the Biloxi and surrounding areas.

Products Offered:

Office Supplies, Disposable paper and Foodservice, Janitorial and Facility Maintenance